Top 5 Tips On Creating The Perfect Post

Knowing when to post and what to post has become one of life’s daily struggles, a looming fear of a new post sitting with no likes for over 5 minutes can leave you awake at night (no? Just us…) Either way we rounded up our top 5 tips on producing the perfect post on Instagram. 

1. Know your audience. This one is pretty important, that’s why we have stuck it at the number 1 slot. If your followers are following you because you post the latest in beauty and sell the best face creams, it’s not going to be a surprise that your GIF of a tractor isn’t going to go down a storm… 

Figure out what your audience wants, look at your competitors, scroll back and see what posts have done before and quite simply, do better. 

2. Tag your location. Something which gets overlooked, but if you are working from a shop, office, factory, clinic – you name it, you should be tagging your location. This allows people searching around that location to see your posts. For example, if your company is Feel Good Clinic and you are posting a before and after from one of your patients, add the name of your clinic to the location part of the post. 

3. Tag users. Lets start tagging, even if your picture doesn’t include any humans, I’m sure there are some brands lurking in it, you don’t need to be an #influencer to tag brands and locations. All of this helps your post get recognised and hopefully the people are tagging with be liking it and hopefully sharing! 

4. EDIT.  Start using some of Instagrams filters to jazz up a post and make the image more appealing. Did you know that users are more likely to “like” a picture is it contains blue hues? Instagram can give you that for free! Play around the filters and make that picture eye catching. 

5. #Hashtags. Of course we couldn’t do a blog about Instagram and not mention hashtags. Hashtags are going to push your post to a wider audience, do some research and see what kind of hashtags are appearing for your picture / company. Putting this hashtags on means that the picture of a cleaning sponge with the hashtag #hinched is going to perform much better than having no hashtags. You can even google “top cleaning hastags” and it will show you what is currently performing well!